Facial treatment for men and women

Beauty salon

For men and woman

Superb facial care with four different facial treatments and a wide choice of skin enhancements to make your face shine like never before.

Relaxation massages for men and women

Massage salon

From wellness to sports massage

Let your body optimize by undergoing a sports massage, sports care massage or are you just ready to relax, choose for a Swedish massage or the Californian massage.

Ghassoul Hammam treatment in Zwijndrecht


Traditional bathhouse cleansing rituals

At Bodyland we have built a hammam room from an oriental bathhouse. Here we give four different variations of the traditional cleansing ritual.

Complaints and pain relief massage in Zwijndrecht

Muscular Therapy

Complaints & Pain relief

Muscle Therapy has been specially developed by Danny van Dijk. As a sports therapist, he will perform these specific treatments to get the body supple and pain-free again.

Waxing the body in Zwijndrecht

Wax salon

Hair removal of the body
Nowadays we can do a lot with waxing, at Bodyland you can even have your nose and ears waxed, this is fairly new and we are one of the few who do it.
Privé Finnish Sauna in Zwijndrecht

Finnish Sauna

Visit or treatment

Unique in the Netherlands. A massage performed in a Finnish Sauna. By heating the muscles they relax better and with the use of warm oil the massage feels even more relaxed.

Pedicure treatment in Zwijndrecht


Beautifully groomed feet

Taking care of your feet is very important because you are on them all day. With the right care you prevent complaints and painful feet. Also make them look nice because the eye wants something too.

Teeth Whitening in Zwijndrecht

Teeth Whitening

A beautiful white smile

Responsibly let your teeth shine like never before. With us, your treatment is 1 on 1 with your practitioner and you will receive personal advice about what to expect during and after the treatment.

Saltroom in Zwijndrecht


Airway & Skin Care

At the end of 2021 we hope to set up a new concept at Bodyland that can ensure that people with respiratory complaints and certain skin complaints can be helped.

The Specialists

Danny van Dijk

Sports Therapist/Masseur

Maikel Bungert


Isabella Ronner


We have a wide range of body treatments that are only performed by qualified practitioners. Practitioners with extensive experience and passion for their profession. This is how we always keep our quality high. You will notice this when you experience a treatment with one of our specialists.

Our all-round male beautician Maikel Bungert specializes in skincare and optimization of both men's skin and women's skin. In addition to skincare, you can also choose for skin improvement through Microdermabrasion, Micro-Needling, Acne Care, or Coagulation. This care also includes body or facial hair removal by waxing; here we also offer a wide range for men and women.

Danny van Dijk is the sports therapist at Bodyland and besides that he is very appreciated for his sports massages, he also performs special issues treatments. These muscular therapy treatments ensure that small and large aches are reduced or even completely resolved. With these treatments you should think of dryneedling, trigger points, or the muscular issues massage. In addition, you can also have these treatments approached in the Eastern way by undergoing the Thai massage.

Isabella Ronner is our female beautician within Bodyland and focuses mainly on the care of women's skin. The specialization that she has is micro peeling, so the ladies can also come to her for skin improvement. As a wax specialist for women, she can wax the face and body and also for a bikini line or brazilian wax.

In addition to these useful treatments, you can also go to Bodyland for a wonderful "Wellness Moment". Because these three specialists are also specialized in relax massages.

Bodyland also has a hammam where you can enjoy delicious cleaning rituals. You can choose from four different hammam massages, so there is always an option that suits you.

And if that's not enough, you can also enjoy a Finnish Sauna to warm up. And the unique thing they offer at Bodyland are: "Sauna Massages", you have to undergo this to experience how wonderfully relaxing this is.

Complete your Wellness Moment by using one of the three sunbeds that are available to give you that nice summer tan.

Take a look inside

For an overview of what you can do and have a look inside, we have made a nice promo for you.

All salons and additional areas are visible here, including the hammam and Finnish sauna.

What's there at Bodyland

  • 2 x Beauty-/massage salons
  • 1 x (Sports)massage salon
  • 1 x Hammam area
  • 1 x Finnish sauna
  • 1 x Relax area with 2 massagechairs
  • 1 x Changing room with 2 showers
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