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Arabian Soap Bag Massage

Oriental soap bag massage

The Arabic soap bag massage is intended for relaxation and gentle cleansing of the skin.

The Arabian Soap Bag Massage, also known as "Kessa Soap Bag Massage," is a lavish and rejuvenating treatment performed mainly in hammams, the traditional bathhouses that originated in the Arab world. This treatment combines the cleansing power of special soap with the relaxation of an in-depth massage to renew your body and mind.

The heart of the Arabic Soap Bag Massage treatment lies in the use of special soap and a traditional soap bag, known as "Kessa." The soap used is usually olive oil soap with added natural ingredients such as eucalyptus oil or rose water. This soap has cleansing, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties for the skin.

Arabische Zeepzakmassage bij Bodyland in Rotterdam

The steps of this hammam treatment

  • Steam and Rinse

    You will be rinsed down by the Tellak with warm water while you lie in the steam room. This will open the pores and the first relaxation will take place.
  • Soap Bag Massage

    The Tellak will now cover you with a warm blanket of soap bubbles. When you are completely covered, the Tellak starts the massage and the soap bubbles are used to ensure that the massage feels smooth and supple.
  • Cold Rinsing

    After the body wrap, your body and head are thoroughly rinsed with cold water to remove all traces of soap. The cold water ensures that your pores will close again and gives your "resistance" a boost, which ensures that you are less susceptible to temperature differences and colds among other things.
  • Disinfect

    We close the treatment by lightly disinfecting you with a traditional Arabic eau de cologne. This way you are resh and fruity to go along the day.
  • 30 Min. € 38,00
  • 60 Min. € 65,00


During a treatment in the hammam you are completely naked. If you do not like this, you can wear swimming trunks.
(Long) Swimming shorts are not allowed.
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