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Ayurvedic Massage

Ancient Indian experience to really relax with

The Ayurvedic Massage is a gentle massage with gentle strokes and pressure. This massage has a cleansing and relaxing effect. The body is nourished and the balance between body and mind is restored. The Ayurvedic massage is a fullbody massage that also includes the head, hair and face.

This massage is not only a relaxation massage but also a relaxation therapy. Ayurveda is seen as the oldest medicine and health system that was recorded in writing about five or six thousand years ago. It is a holistic system originating from India.

Ayurvedic Massage combines massage techniques with the stimulation of the Marma points. These are pressure points from Ayurvedic teachings. According to this teaching, an Ayurvedic Massage extends life, contributes to body awareness, relieves muscle tension and enhances sensual radiance.

Ayurvedic Massage at Bodyland in Rotterdam
Knowledge of life
Ayus = of life
Veda = Knowledge

The 3 doshas Vata, Pitta & Kapha are made up of the five elements Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. These play an important role in Ayurveda. Everything can be described in terms of these 3 bio-energies. Within Ayurveda, health or being healthy does not mean that you do not have any diseases, but that the 3 doshas are in balance with each other, so that there is a balance in your body & life.

The 3 doshas:
Vata = Ether & Air
Kapha = Water & Earth
Pitta = Water & Fire

The massage is part of Ayurveda medicine and is performed preventively on healthy people. It can contribute to the prevention and/or cure of various complaints and can therefore be used in a treatment plan. The massaging is done with a lot of warm herbal oil which has a lubricating and medicinal effect. The entire body including head and face are massaged during this treatment. The choice of oil depends on the constitution of the person (dosha/prakruti) and the complaints (vrikruti) that are described. The action of oils is aimed at balancing the doshas and cleansing the tissues and channels.

Strength of the massage

Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand

  • 60 Min. € 58,00
  • 90 Min. € 85,00
  • 120 Min. € 110,00


  • Danny van Dijk
  • Maikel Bungert
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