Bamboo Massage

Firm relaxation of the muscles

The Bamboo Massage is a massage based on ancient Chinese principles and views on life. The massage is based on the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. According to the Chinese concept of life, all natural phenomena can be classified into these five elements. The five elements describe our relationship with external and internal phenomena, they describe an established cycle or natural process of life.

The bamboo massage is very stimulating for when you need energy and strength. It contributes to the detoxification of the body by removing waste products and helps to improve blood circulation. It relieves trigger points and supports the prevention of cramps. It is extremely suitable against fatigue and stress. After this massage your body is in a better condition.

The bamboo sticks are used as an aid for a full body massage and serve as an extension of the hands & forearms. Because you can work deeper into the muscles, it will feel more effective and have a better effect on the body.

Bamboo Massage at Bodyland in Rotterdam

Strength of the Massage

Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand

  • 30 Min. € 31,00
  • 60 Min. € 58,00


  • Danny van Dijk
  • Maikel Bungert
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