Eyebrows Epilation - Let your face speak

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Eyebrows Epilation  Let your face speak

Bringing your eyebrows into good shape by plucking lets your face speak again.

Epilating or waxing your eyebrows can bring extra attention to your eyes and give your face an open look. It is important whether we model/create the eyebrow or whether we are just going to update it. When we start modeling, we look at hair growth, face shape, growth direction, and your expectations. Once this is clear, we can start creating your new eyebrow. Creating the eyebrows is done with tweezers and wax to obtain the correct result. The first couple of times you come to epilate it can be a bit sensitive, but you get used to this quickly. If you epilate regularly, this treatment will be virtually painless.

The Treatment

  • Eyebrows Epilation

Ideally suited for

  • Shaping your eyebrows


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