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Carbon Laser Peeling

Skin rejuvenation through laser technology and carbon.

The Carbon Laser Peeling takes place by heating the skin layers with a laser under the action of a special mask based on carbon (carbon dioxide).

This peeling consists of two facets. The Carbon peeling, a carbon mixture with vitamins and minerals, tackles the upper skin layer and provides purifying effect and reinforcement. The Laser that we use to shoot the peeling of the skin focuses on the deeper skin layers without damaging the top skin layer.

The laser penetrates deep into the skin, which ensures that collagen production will improve and sebum production will decrease. This power combination provides a beautiful result where the skin will become visibly firmer and fine lines will reduce. In addition, the Carbon Laser Peeling is very effective in controlling sebum secretion, which makes it a suitable treatment for oily and inflammatory (acne) skin.

Skin rejuvenation with the Carbon laser Peeling at Bodyland Rotterdam

The carbon laser peeling is an effective method for removing wrinkles, coarse pores, (acne) scars and restoring oily skin. The carbon laser works from within the skin, it stimulates the skin where it lacks elasticity. Both the epidermis and the connective tissue of the dermis are renewed more quickly, the skin is strengthened and fine lines are reduced. One carbon laser peeling treatment for skin rejuvenation / skin improvement gives results after just one use. It is a safe and painless treatment with the Q-Switch ND Yag Laser special carbon peeling (medical carbon, mineral mud from volcanic stone and various natural vegetable extracts and herbal extractions) and carbon lens.

Course of the Treatment

Your face is cleaned with a superficial cleansing and warm compress. Then a layer of the medical carbon is applied to your facial skin. Once the carbon peel has dried, the Yag Laser with a special filter is used to exfoliate. It rejuvenates and crushes the dirt from the pore of the skin resulting in a tightened / firming / clean / pure skin. The results always depend on the degree of aging skin. After the exfoliation, the skin is cleaned again and the residual substances of the carbon mask are removed. Finally, the facial treatment is concluded with a powerful moisturizing cream that restores deep into the skin.


  1. Cleansing
  2. Deep Cleansing
  3. Laser Treatment
  4. Face Mask
  5. Day Cream
  • € 70,00
    60 minutes
  • € 180,00
    Series of 3 Treatments
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