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Remove imperfections from the face or body.

With the (thermo) Coagulation technique for removal of irregularities we remove benign skin by heat. We use a needle and electrical conduction for this. Because we work with a needle, we only work on the imperfections and the surrounding skin remains unaffected.

We disinfect the skin to ensure that no infections can develop during or after the treatment has been performed.

This treatment is for someone already suffering from certain complaints/irregularities. This can be skin tags, but also rosacea (telangiectasias), spider nevi, or blood blisters.

In most cases, you will get rid of these imperfections with one treatment and your skin will be smooth again.

Remove imperfections from the face with coagulation at Bodyland Rotterdam

What you should take into account is that after the treatment there will be some redness or swelling around the treated area.

During the healing process, a scab will form that you should definitely not touch to prevent infections and scarring.

Further on this page, you can read more information about what can be specifically treated and how to handle aftercare at home.

Ideally suited for

  • Skin tags
    Skin tags or fibroma are benign skin growths and are common on the face, neck, armpits, and breasts. During coagulation, the skin tag is burned at the base, causing the skin tag or fibroma to detach itself from the skin. After the treatment, a small scab may develop that will fall off automatically after a few days.
  • Couperose
    Couperose (telangiectasia), spider nevi and blood blisters are red dilated blood vessels. With coagulation, the blood vessel is closed with a very fine needle. After the treatment of rosacea, the skin may look red for some time and small crusts would appear.
  • Pigment spots
    Birthmarks, age spots and other small pigmentation spots can be treated very precisely with coagulation. Electro cauterization is based on the principle of burning away tissue by high temperature. This treatment method is suitable for all body parts.

Aftercare / Home care

  • The treated areas should not get wet for three to five days after the treatment. If this does happen, just pat dry.
  • For at least three to five days after the treatment, do not go into the sun or use the solarium. If you go outside use an SPF.
  • Try to prevent heat development / sweating as much as possible, such as sports or a sauna visit for three to five days, because the skin is fragile and healing.


  1. Cleansing
  2. Coagulation
  • € 25,00
    15 minutes
  • € 40,00
    30 minutes
  • € 60,00
    45 minutes


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