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Cupping Zones


Chinese medicine

This therapy is used to relieve what is known in Eastern medicine as stagnation. It is used to treat various types of pain.

Why would a sane person allow their back and shoulders to ache with cupping? Because cupping makes your muscles recover faster, relieves your aches and pains, heals inflammation and gives your blood circulation a big boost.

Cupping Chinese medicine at Bodyland in Rotterdam

Especially with muscle and joint pains, the effect is quickly noticeable. The deep connective tissue massage makes muscles and skin supple and removes adhesions in the connective tissue. You will feel more relaxed after a Cupping treatment. You will feel a lot better mentally and physically.

At Bodyland we usually perform moving cupping, but cold/dry cupping can also be used.

Strength of the Treatment

Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand

  • 30 Min. € 35,00
  • 45 Min. € 50,00
  • 60 Min. € 65,00


  • Danny van Dijk
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