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Resolving pain issues

Dryneedling is a treatment method aimed at reducing muscle tension and relieving pain by inserting thin needles into specific trigger points (painful knots in muscles). It is important to note that dry needling differs from acupuncture, although both therapies use needles. Dry needling is specifically aimed at treating muscle-related pain and is based on western anatomical and neurophysiological principles.

Dryneedling is a targeted and effective treatment for muscle-related pain and tension. It is often used as part of a broader treatment plan for musculoskeletal conditions and can provide significant relief for individuals with muscle-related complaints.

Dryneedling bij Bodyland in Rotterdam
During a dry needling session, the therapist places thin needles directly into trigger points, deep in the muscles. These trigger points can be knots or hardening that lead to pain and reduced flexibility. The needles are inserted to reduce muscle tension and relax the muscles. The client may feel a sensation ranging from a slight prick to a brief muscle contraction. The needles are usually inserted only for a short time before being removed.

Purpose of dryneedling:

  • Relaxation of Muscles:

    Insertion of the needles can lead to a reflex relaxation of muscle fibres, reducing muscle tension.
  • Reduction of Pain:

    By treating trigger points, dry needling can help reduce pain, both at the location of the trigger points and in other parts of the body that may be affected by the tense muscle.
  • Improving Flexibility:

    Relaxing the muscles can improve flexibility and range of motion.

Contra-indications and Precautions:

Although dryneedling is generally considered safe, there are certain contraindications and precautions. People with certain medical conditions or pregnant women should discuss this with their healthcare provider before considering dryneedling.

Strength of treatment

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