The Frequently Asked Questions to Bodyland

General Frequently Asked Questions

How can I best contact Bodyland?
The best is a text message via WhatsApp, Email or SMS. Because we are often in treatment it becomes difficult for us to answer the phone, we call back at a time when we are out of treatment.
What are the opening hours of Bodyland?
We do not have fixed opening hours because we only work by appointment. Read more information about opening hours here.
Can I easily park at Bodyland?
Yes, we have free parking in front and in the area.
I have difficulty walking, is this a problem?
No, Bodyland is completely wheelchair friendly.
Is there a minimum age?
There is no age restriction for our treatments, for our sunbeds you must be at least 18 years old.
What payment options are there at Bodyland?
You can pay with us with (contactless) PIN or with cash.
Does Bodyland also have gift vouchers?
Yes, we have a wide selection of vouchers online in our WebShop(Dutch).


Do I have to book in advance?
Yes, you have to book in advance for the treatments. A call in advance can also be enough to see if there is space, otherwise you can make your choice in our agenda via the website.
The date I want to book is grayed out!
You can only click on the days that are available for treatments. If they are gray, the calendar is full. If you look for today you have to call, then it may be that there is still room.
Can I change my reservation?
Yes, if this is in time according to our terms and conditions, each reservation can be adjusted. Send a message via our contact form with the change you want to report. It can also be passed on by phone or WhatsApp.
Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, if this is in time according to our terms and conditions, any reservation can be canceled. Send a message via our contact form or by phone or WhatsApp.
Do I have to create an account when I make a reservation?
No, you can book without creating an account. Click on continue without account if you are in the reservation module.


Are treatments reimbursed by a health insurance company?
No, our treatments are not reimbursed.
Can I choose my practitioner?
Most treatments have only one specialist, you can indicate your preference for all others.
Can I undergo treatment if I am pregnant?
Yes, this does not have to be a problem, there are certain treatments that we do not carry out during pregnancy, or that we carry out adapted to undergo it safely. You must therefore always indicate in advance that you are pregnant.
Is a anamnesis form mandatory for treatment?
Yes, we need to know certain health information in order not to make mistakes during the treatment. You will receive a link with your appointment confirmation by email to pre-fill this.


Is the sauna completely private?
Yes, the reservation you make is entirely for you and any specified persons. In addition treatments are given, you could meet these people outside the sauna but they never enter the sauna.
Is there supervision in the sauna?
If we find it necessary, staff can come and see if everything is going well in the sauna.
How hot is the sauna?
During the reservation request you can indicate how hot you want the sauna to be.
Can I also book longer than 60 minutes?
No, there are insufficient facilities for this. Our sauna is intended for a short boost of the body which is different when you go to a wellness resort.
Can I bring food or drink?
Yes, you are allowed to consume something with us. You do this in the relax room. It is not allowed to eat or drink in the sauna.


Am I naked during the treatment?
Usually you are naked during this treatment because it is a cleansing ritual. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.
How hot is it in the hammam?
The temperature is between 32 & 38 degrees (depending on the temp. outside).
Is this a steamroom
Yes, this area is heated with steam.
Can the hammam also be rented?
No, this is only for undergoing a treatment by Bodyland.


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