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Fungal Nail Laser

Effective Treatment of Fungal Nails with Laser Therapy

Fungal nails are a common problem that affects many people in the Netherlands. They can lead to discomfort, pain and embarrassment. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available to get rid of this bothersome condition. One of the most innovative and effective approaches is treatment with a picosecond laser.

What is a Fungal Nail?

A fungal nail is a nail that is infected with fungi, usually dermatophytes. This leads to discoloration, thickening and deformation of the nail. The nail can also become brittle and break off easily. Nail fungus is common and can affect both fingernails and toenails. They thrive in moist environments, such as swimming pools, gyms and showers.

Fungal Nail Laser at Bodyland Rotterdam

How does Laser Therapy work?

Laser therapy works by sending ultra-fast laser pulses that target the infected nail. These pulses break down the fungal cells without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. Over time, the infected nail will grow out and make way for a healthy nail.

Traditional Treatments vs. Laser Therapy

Traditional treatments for nail fungus include the use of antifungal creams, nail polishes and oral medications. These treatments can be effective, but they often require long-term use and sometimes have side effects. Moreover, they are not always effective.

Picosecond laser therapy is a modern approach that is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands and elsewhere. This laser treatment uses ultra-fast laser pulses to treat fungal nails.

Here are some benefits of this technology:

  • Speed:

    Pico laser therapy is fast and usually only takes a few minutes per nail.
  • Effectiveness:

    The laser pulses can penetrate deep into the nail and kill the fungus without damaging the surrounding tissue.
  • Painless:

    Most patients experience little to no pain during treatment.
  • No side effects:

    Unlike some medications, there are no known side effects of pico laser therapy.
  • Quick recovery:

    After treatment, patients can resume their normal activities.
  • 25 Min. € 40,00
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