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Hair Removal for men at Bodyland Rotterdam

Hair Removal

Hair removal with a Laser or with Wax for men at Bodyland Rotterdam.

Men, free your body from (excess) hair and have it removed with the help of our Diode Laser or opt for hair removal via Waxing at Bodyland in Rotterdam.

Some examples

At Bodyland you can go for different types of hair removal.

All forms of hair removal have their own advantages and disadvantages. To make the best choice, read all the information on this page carefully, but also the information on the relevant page where you would like to remove the (excess) hair.

Laser Hair Removal

If you are going to remove hair with a laser, you will pay a little bit more money, but you will also lose the hair for a longer period of time, which can make it cheaper in the long term. This treatment is less sensitive than waxing and your skin will be smoother and hair-free for longer.

Hair Removal with Waxing

Having your body waxed is currently cheaper than having it removed with a laser. Waxing can be a bit sensitive, but it's something you get used to. Your skin becomes nice and smooth and this will last for about four to six weeks after which you have to repeat it again.

Electric Hair Removal

If you want sleek lines of hair on your face, choose Electric Hair Removal. The precision method to ensure beautiful lines on the face for a longer period of time
"you come to Bodyland for full body hair removal or to retouch the eyebrows. We wax or laser remove every hair, wherever it is."

Hair Removal Options

Laser Hair Removal for men at Bodyland Rotterdam
Fullbody but also Parts
Hair removal from the body with a Diode Laser.
Hair Removal with waxing at Bodyland Rotterdam
Fullbody but also Parts
Hair Removal of the body with wax.
Electric Hair Removal at Bodyland Rotterdam
Tight hairline on the face
Hair by Hair to a sleek line.
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