Arabian Soap Bag Massage

Arabian Soap Bag Massage

The Arabian Soap Bag Massage is designed to relax and gently cleanse the skin.

Here we first start with cleaning the skin with Moroccan black soap and let it soak in, in the sauna, for extra care and cleaning, after which we rinse it again with warm water to further warm up the skin and open the pores.

When you are comfortable on the hammam table you will be covered with a foam blanket that we make with the soap bag filled with olive soap. This foam blanket keeps you nice and warm, after which we start with the massage. This massage is relaxing and stimulating at the same time so that you will completely relax. In between, we replenish the foam to ensure that you are completely covered under this warm blanket.

We finish the treatment by rinsing the foam off with warm water after which you will feel clean, fresh, and exuberant.

The Treatment

  • Strength:
    Average Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand
  • Target:
  • For who:
    If you like water, soap and massage


  • 25 Minutes:
    € 32,00
  • 55 Minutes:
    € 60,00


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