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Lasering for men at Bodyland Rotterdam


Laser Treatments for men in Rotterdam.

We can optimize the skin and body with various laser treatments.

Some examples

At Bodyland we have different lasers that we work with. Each laser can have multiple options when using it.

With us you can now opt for hair removal from your body with a laser so that your hair growth stays away for a longer period of time and you can walk the streets with a beautiful and smooth skin.

Our Yag Laser is the most versatile. For now we perform the Carbon Laser Peeling with it, but more options will become available soon. So keep an eye on our website so that you can be the first to come to Bodyland for one of those new treatments.

"Safe Laser Treatments for men skincare, optimization and improvement of the skin."

The Laser Treatments

Laser Ontharen voor mannen bij Bodyland Rotterdam
Fullbody but also Parts
Hair removal from the body with a Diode Laser.
Carbon Laser Peeling for men at Bodyland Rotterdam
Skin Rejuvenation
Purify the skin and make wrinkles and age spots disappear with this laser technique.
More treatments coming soon
Fragmentation of Ink Particles
Removing Tattoos with the Picosecond Laser
Fungal Nail Laser Therapy at Bodyland Rotterdam
Effective Treatment
Laser therapy works by sending ultra-fast laser pulses that target the infected nail.
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