Dryneedling - Solving pain complaints

Dryneedling Solving pain complaints

With Dryneedling we work from within to resolve pain complaints. Bonded muscles can be tackled in several ways and with dry-needling, we go with a needle to the core of the problem in the middle of the muscle. Once we are in this core, the muscle in question will ”Twitch” (myoclonus) one or more times. This is a short, involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles. This contraction ensures that there is movement in the muscle again, which will reduce or completely solve the problem.

These problem cores in the muscles also called ”Trigger points”, can occur in any muscle. Depending on which sport you practice or what your activities consist of at work, certain muscles could be extra overloaded.

All muscle problems or pain complaints that are caused by these trigger points can be treated with dryneedling. For example:
  • Back and shoulder pain
  • Arm pain (tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI-like complaints)
  • (extreme) Leg- Hip pains and cramps
  • Tension headaches and/or migraines
We will always preview and discuss whether dry needling is the correct form of treatment for the complaints you have.

Is dryneedling painful

Most people will not feel the turning of the needle or it entering the skin. But as soon as we hit the trigger point with the needle, a so-called twitch response can occur. This muscle twitch gives a short and unpleasant feeling. Some clients describe this as an electric shock, others as a cramping feeling. This twitch is a part of dry needling; it's simply the cramped muscle reacting to the needle. A twitch can occur several times per treatment per trigger point. When there is no more twitch coming from the muscle, the therapeutic effect is achieved. After dry needling, time is often taken to loosen the muscle so that it can relax more after treatment.

The Treatment

  • Strength:
    Powerful because of the needle
  • Target:
    Pain / injury control
  • For who:
    Anyone with pain complaints


  • 25 Minutes:
    € 29,00
  • 40 Minutes:
    € 40,00
  • 55 Minutes:
    € 50,00


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