Muscular Issues - For Pain Relief

Bodyland Muscular Issues - As Pain Relief

By selectively massaging the body during a Muscular Issue Treatment we can concentrate on a pain complaint. So we only massage there where we can reduce the pain. With this ”pain relief massage” we immediately relieve muscle aches and the muscles become flexible again so the circulation can also improve.

We can use this treatment for various complaints, such as:
  • Headache or Migraine complaints
  • Back and/or lower back complaints
  • Shoulder and arm complaints such as RSI or CANS
  • Leg, knee, ankle, and foot complaints such as a Runner's knee

Complaints in the body can be caused in different ways. With acute overload for example, the pain suddenly sets in strongly. Even with a long-term build-up of tension you initially feel nothing but then the pain could suddenly arise with a strange movement.

Pain usually originates in the muscle origin, and these are often disregarded when making a diagnosis. This is very unfortunate because often times medication is written out to mask the complaints when you can solve them by making the muscles healthy again with a Muscular Issue massage.

First, we massage the muscles to remove the "high tension" from the muscles. After this, the blood circulation will be optimal again and waste products will be removed, so muscles can recover. This recovery will cause less to no pain so that you can move optimally again.

The Treatment

  • Strength:
    Very Powerful Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand
  • Target:
    Pain/injury control
  • For who:
    Anyone with pain complaints


  • 15 Minutes:
    € 16,00
  • 25 Minutes:
    € 29,00
  • 40 Minutes:
    € 40,00
  • 55 Minutes:
    € 50,00


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