Trigger points - Dissolve muscle issues

Trigger points - Dissolve muscle issues

Trigger Points Therapy has been developed for dissolving muscle buds. These are small spasms in the muscle that feel like painful hardening.

In popular speech we also call these small spasms “muscle knots”. These can be caused by overload or trauma such as an accident or surgery. Little exercise, stress & poor nutrition can also cause cramping, resulting in a shortage of oxygen and blood circulation. This lack of oxygen and circulation creates a sensitive area. Exerting pressure on this place often gives a nasty pain with possible pain to other body parts.

A trigger point contains an accumulation of waste. When these wastes disappear, the trigger point can recover. To restore a trigger point, deep techniques are needed that are applied exactly at the location of the trigger point. Massage can improve the blood circulation in muscles, so that waste products are removed better and faster. When a particular technique is effective, a so-called release will often be felt over time.

The Treatment

  • Strength:
    Very Powerful Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand Bodyland Massage Hand
  • Target:
    Removal of adhesions
  • For who:
    Everyone with pain complaints and enthusiasts


  • 25 Minutes:
    € 29,00
  • 40 Minutes:
    € 40,00
  • 55 Minutes:
    € 50,00


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