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Laser Hair Removal Gift Voucher

€ 40,00
Laser Hair Removal
Which series


  • Laser Hair Removal 1 - By Part
    Chin, Ears, Upper lip, Eyebrow spacer, Neck, Cheeks, Sideburns, Areola, Hands, Feet, Neck, Beard-Jawline, Buttocks, Armpits
  • Laser Hair Removal 2 - By Part
    Beard- Jawline & Neck, Face, Buttocks, Upper or lower arm, Shoulders, Belly
  • Laser Hair Removal 3 - By Part
    Chest, Upper or lower back, Thighs, Lower legs with knee, Whole arms, Boyziian, Back, Chest and abdomen
  • Laser Hair Removal 4 - By Part
    Whole Legs, Back and Shoulders

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