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Teeth Polishing

To give the teeth whitening treatment some extra strength, you can choose to have your teeth polished before and after the treatment. This gives you just a little more power to the treatment and ensures that your teeth look just that little bit better.

Certain discoloration and contamination are on the tooth and by removing this with the help of polishing, the teeth whitening will be able to focus more on the tooth itself instead of first having to remove the contamination that is on it. remove. The polishing afterwards gives an extra nice "Finishing Touch" that will make everyone happy.

This addition to your treatment will take about 10 minutes extra time.

Teeth Polishing at Bodyland in Rotterdam
  • 10 min. € 10,00

Teeth Whitening

You can only add Teeth Polishing to a Teeth Whitening session, this is not available separately.
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