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Tibetan Massage

Kum Nye Style Massage

Kum Nye literally means Massage (Kum) & Subtle Body (Nye). This massage has been around for about 8000 years and has its origins in Tantrayana Buddhism. This Tibetan massage is a medium to firm but subtle therapeutic massage and provides a relaxed feeling in muscles, joints and the head.

With this Traditional Tibetan Massage we start with oiling and warming up the muscles and joints through gentle strokes and pressures to release the initial body tension before we start with the actual massage.

Tibetan Massage for men at Bodyland in Rotterdam

The Tibetan Massage is a full massage in which every muscle and joint will be massaged. We work in a quiet relaxed way from your crown to your little toe and everything in between. With rises, presses, kneadings and rotations we will completely relax the body and let energies circulate after which the blockages are lifted.

We can perform the massage on the massage table or on a mat on the floor. The basic 85 minute massage is on the massage table and the long version is on the floor. Some parts of the massage can be experienced as Intimate.

Strength of the Massage

Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand Massage Hand

  • 90 Min. € 85,00
  • 120 Min. € 110,00


  • Danny van Dijk
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