Traditional Hammam

Oriental scrub and soap bag massage

The traditional hammam is performed here as they did in the old oriental bathhouses. At Bodyland we have created our own room looking like an oriental bathhouse to give you the feeling that you have entered the Arab world.

When you have taken place on the hammam table, we will warm up the skin and open pores with warm water. When it has warmed up, we will start scrubbing with a kese (exfoliating glove) with which we will remove the dead skin cells. After scrubbing, the body is again doused with warm water to rinse off these dead skin cells.

After scrubbing, it is time to relax. You will now be completely and abundantly covered by a blanket of soap foam. We do this with a soap bag that is filled with rich olive soap. As soon as you are covered, we start the massage with this soap foam. This massage is relaxing for the body, skin, and mind.

Traditional Hammam at Bodyland in Rotterdam

With the longer versions of this treatment, the hair is nicely washed and you will then be rinsed again with warm water to finish.

During the longest version of this treatment, you will be rubbed with Moroccan black soap and let it soak in while you relax in the steam. This makes the skin nice and supple and the pores open well.

During a hammam treatment you are completely naked. If you do not like this, you can wear swimming trunks. (Long) swimming shorts are not allowed.

The variants

  • 30 Min. Rear body
  • 60 Min. Fullbody
  • 90 Min. Fullbody Relax + Maroc. Soap
  • 30 Min. € 38,00
  • 60 Min. € 65,00
  • 90 Min. € 95,00


  • Danny van Dijk
  • Maikel Bungert
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