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Body Waxing for men in Rotterdam

Male body waxing is a hair removal method that is becoming increasingly popular among men striving for smoother and hair-free skin. This treatment focuses on removing unwanted body hair on various parts of the male body, including the chest, back, arms, legs, armpits and boyzilian. The procedure for male body waxing is similar to that for women. It usually starts with cleaning the area to be treated to remove dirt, oils and skin products. The wax, usually a specific formula for male hair types, is then heated and applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Hard wax or wax strips can be used, depending on the area and the person's preference.

Lichaam waxen bij Bodyland Rotterdam

Once the wax is applied, a cloth or paper strip is pressed firmly onto the wax and then quickly removed against the direction of hair growth. This pulls the hair, along with the wax, away from the skin, leaving a smooth and hair-free appearance. After waxing, a soothing lotion or oil can be applied to soften the skin and reduce any irritation.

Male body waxing can be slightly uncomfortable, especially the first time, as hair is removed from the root. However, the degree of discomfort varies depending on the person and the area to be treated. Regular waxing can slow down hair growth and thin the hair, making the procedure less painful over time.

Men often choose waxing because of its long-lasting results and the fact that the hair comes back softer and thinner compared to shaving.

What you need to know

  • Before the treatment

    If you want to wax, the hair must have a certain length to ensure that the wax can grab it properly. If the hair is too short, the wax will not stick well and they will remain on the body, if the hair is too long, the treatment will be a bit more sensitive.

    It is optimal if the hair is minimum 3 and maximum 5 millimeters.

  • On the day of the treatment

    On the day of the treatment, it is wise not to use deodorant on the areas you want to wax. The use of body lotion is also not recommended because the wax cannot adhere properly to the skin.

  • After treatment

    To prevent irritations such as ingrown hairs, it is advisable to scrub the skin well to keep it open and to give hairs space.

  • In between treatments

    To maintain the effect of waxing, it is wise to NOT shave the skin between treatments. This way you will develop stubble again and remove the effect of waxing.

  • Per part
    € 16,00
    Nose, Ears, Armpits, Upper Lip, Chin, Eyebrows, Buttocks
  • Per part
    € 30,00
    Face, Abdomen/Chest, Back, Lower Legs, Arms
  • Per part
    € 45,00
    Legs, Boyzilian
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